Hand Crafted Wood Frames
Wood frames from Harpers

Harpers wood frames and component parts are made from specially selected European Ash. With
regulated, low moisture content this is then hand crafted into individual parts that combine to make up the
Morgan woodframe. All non-Ash wooden parts are made from Marine Plywood.

When assembled, only zinc passivated woodscrews are used for longevity. The parts you buy, individual or
complete frames, are treated with Cuprinol Wood Preservative. The accuracy of each part enables you to confidently
replace individual parts within your existing woodframe. Harpers offers a repair service for any Morgan frame,
3 or 4-wheeler and we also undertake 'special frames' which have included
Bob Harper's 2 & 4 seater +8 Drop Head Coupés.

Harpers has now supplied well over 100 complete woodframes.