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Stainless Steel Exhausts
Harpers is the sole UK distributor of Langford Stainless Steel Exhausts

Langford Stainless Steel Specification

The material used for all pipework, internals, baffles, endplates, brackets and silencer bodies is 304 stainless steel. This grade of stainless steel is AUSTENITIC and not ferritic (i.e. it is not magnetic, like other stainless steel exhaust suppliers have used).
Austenitic stainless steel used in Langford exhaust systems is also commonly used in the Aircraft Industry because of its excellent surface corrosion resistance. The use of a good brand of metal cleaner can restore the system to the 'as new' condition.

Langford exhaust systems feature CNC Mandrel bent pipework, therefore the deformation of the tube when sectioned
through the bend is minimal and because it is bent on a CNC machine, repeatability is guaranteed.

The Langford product is generally assembled in 'one piece' fixtures and T.I.G. welded which gives a neat and strong weld.
The filler wire used is also of 304 grade and the welds are corrosion resistant as are the rest of the exhaust assembly.

Langford has been manufacturing Morgan stainless steel exhausts for over 20 years. All our exhausts are hand built.
You do not have to wait to obtain this hand built product as Harpers carries extensive stocks, probably the largest in the UK.

Material thickness specification (general)

End plates, Baffles & Silencer Bodies 18g (1.2mm)
All pipework (including internals) 18g (1.2mm)
Brackets 14g (2.0mm)